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I hate artist statements.

I hate reading them and I hate writing them. They are bullshit. If I hear one more artist or musician say something about the “human experience” or “relation to nature” or some other exaggerated junk, I am going to punch the wall. At the risk of sounding pretentious, my work is my work. It’s slow. It’s “ambient”. Sometimes it sounds a lot like Morton Feldman (or Cage or Eno or Milford Graves), but I love Slipknot, too. And Anthony Braxton. And Otis Redding. Bikini Kill. Horror Movies. And other stuff. All these things influence my work in some way. 


I’ve never been able to focus on one thing so my music has always changed with my mood. Yes, the slow quiet stuff is the most predominant, as is horror imagery, but that’s not necessarily my “Style” or “Genre”. Those terms just don’t apply to me. Never have. Which sucks, because I am making music in a time of uber-categorization. There is no longer Heavy Metal music. There is Black Metal and Doom Metal and Funeral Doom and Black Funeral Doom Metal or whatever other fucking word you want to put with it.


These words will tell you nothing about the music you will find under my name. Sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, sometime painfully slow. No words I write here will ever fully describe what I do. It’s not for everybody, but if you like it, Welcome and enjoy.

Music is available on all major streaming platforms.

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